Tech Trends 2015

At its annual Spring conference in the US, the STM Association launched its newest version of the Technology Trends for 2015. The newest version of STM’s TECH TRENDS 2015 consists of three core trends that are highly related: Publishing Data as First Class Research Objects, then the Article as an element in a Hub and Spoke Model connecting many digital artifacts and last but not least: Reputation Management using new metrics and based on more elements than just the publication track record.

  • POSTER: You can download the PDF version of the poster for self printing
  • FEATURE: Scholarly Kitchen cover the 2015 Tech Trends
  • PODCAST: Listen to the Tech Trends launch at STM's Annual US Conference
  • PPT: The TECH TRENDS are explained in a PowerPoint version with audio (will follow)
  • WEBINAR: Inhouse webinars with full explanation of these TECH TRENDS can be given for your organisation upon request; please contact
  • VIDEO: follow the recordings of the official launch at the STM Annual US Conference on 23 April
  • JOIN IN: If you wish to participate in the next round of TECH TRENDS, planned for December 2015, please also contact



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