Public Affairs Committee

  • Keith Collier, Clarivate Analytics
  • Elizabeth Durzy, Wolters Kluwer
  • Michael Foster, IEEE
  • Gemma Hersh, Reed Elsevier
  • Daniel Kulp, American Physical Society (APS) 
  • Jasmin Lange, BRILL
  • Michael Mabe, STM
  • Eric Merkel-Sobotta, De Gruyter
  • Andrew Moyer, McGraw-Hill Professional
  • Elizabeth Nolan, The Optical Society (OSA)
  • Jack Ochs, American Chemical Society
  • James Perham-Marchant, John Wiley & Sons
  • Tony Roche, Emerald
  • Daniel Schiff, Thieme Publishers
  • Wim van der Stelt , SpringerNature (Chair)
  • Ural Tufan, Karger Publishers 
  • Jason Wilde, AIP Publishing
  • David Weinreich, STM/PSP

Current Charter

The purpose of the STM Strategy and Public Affairs (SPA) Committee is to act as a forum for the discussion of government relations, strategy and policy issues. The committee provides recommendations as appropriate to the STM Executive Board and/or STM Copyright Committee regarding strategic lobbying, litigation, and policy activity.

The Committee is composed of approximately 10-15 senior managers from STM member companies who are knowledgeable about strategic issues facing the industry. Members of the STM Executive Board or STM Copyright Committee may serve on the Committee although others will be invited to serve as well.

Current mission

The mission of STM Public Affairs is to create and improve a positive, healthy and sustainable international business environment for our worldwide industry by streamlining and enabling the communication path between involved stakeholders. We do so by:

  • educating key stakeholders about the value that STM publishers add to scholarly communication
  • advocating the adoption of policies that recognize and support the key role of STM publishers in implementing innovative solutions to advance science and contributing positively to the knowledge society
  • acting with integrity and honesty in fulfilling our role in the dissemination and discovery of scholarly communication.

We created a Public Affairs Committee to discuss government relations, strategy, and policy communications issues and provide advice and recommendations on these matters as appropriate to the STM Board and/or Chief Executive Officer. The Committee reviews ways in which it might help define the message we send to key stakeholders about the publishing industry and its role in access, dissemination, and preservation of scholarly information worldwide.