Tord Ytterdahl

Tord Ytterdahl is CEO and co-founder of Appsens, the Norwegian MedTech company. The company has invented and introduced the innovative heart monitoring device and system; ECG247. ECG247 enables an easy-to-use, effective, and low-cost ECG procedure (electrocardiography) which detects atrial fibrillation and other arrhythmias to prevent stroke and heart failure. The ECG247 technology with advanced algorithms, data processing, and AI, is presently in use at Norwegian hospitals, heart specialist clinics and general practitioners as well as being available at pharmacies.

Tord Ytterdahl has held leading positions in several international companies within different industries. Ytterdahl has his education from the Royal Norwegian Navy, Norwegian Business School, and Copenhagen Business School. Inspiration and drive come from working with other people with different skills and solving global health problems.

Ytterdahl has through 4 years of complex development work had the overall responsibility for more than 50 employees and hired personnel. The successful development project has delivered close to 200,000 working hours.