Peter Arbuthnott

Peter Arbuthnott is the Technical Director of Ingenta Connect and Ingenta Ecommerce. He has been working in the publishing and technology ecosystem for around 20 years. Initially seduced into the internet from the physical domain while working for Research Machines as Product Design Engineer, he completed an MA in Electronic Media at Oxford Brookes in 2000 and has been with Ingenta ever since. Working with many of Ingenta's customers - the likes of OECD, AIP, BMJ and IOP - he has been instrumental in the creation and delivery of industry leading content delivery and access control services.

For the past few years he has been mainly focussed on improving and extending the Ingenta Connect service which aggregates content from some 13,000 publication and delivers well over 3 million page views every month. Working closely with the digital content lifecycle from creation and ingestion through to standardised indexing and presentation and finally on to external distribution has provided a wide range of pointers to ease the process of electronic publication.