Melissa Patterson

Melissa Patterson is the Director of Editorial Development for AIP Publishing (AIP) a not-for-profit scholarly publisher whose journals cover research in the physical sciences.  She is currently responsible for the editorial success, management, and strategic development of 85% of the AIP journal content (hybrid and gold open access) and the Conference Proceedings program which publishes ca. 13,000 articles per year. 

Since joining AIP in 2012, she has worked on creating innovative content development strategies for applied and chemical physics disciplines and has led an open access strategy, launching new journals and significantly growing existing content.  Melissa is also responsible for the scientific oversight and curation of AIP’s thesaurus, a polyhierarchical taxonomy which assigns topical keywords to all content published on AIP’s platform.  She led a team of subject matter experts in completely revamping the AIP thesaurus, improving its scientific comprehensiveness and accuracy.  During the SSP Annual Meeting in May 2018, she presented a case study on a panel on “How Publisher’s Will Benefit from Artificial Intelligence” focusing on the business benefits of classifying and recommending content utilizing a thesaurus.  She is currently chair of AIP thesaurus governance committee. 

As Director of Editorial, Melissa is responsible for maintaining the scientific and ethical integrity of AIP entire portfolio.  She advises on individual case management and investigations of suspected misconduct and has created workflows, policies, and guidelines to help Editors and the publishing team navigate potential violations in accordance with industry standards.

Prior to her career in publishing, Melissa earned a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Stony Brook University and conducted post-doctoral research at Brookhaven National Laboratory.  She also holds a degree in Adolescent Science Education, Chemistry from Queens College.