Anita Bandrowski

I am a neurophysiologist by training, but for the past decade I have been working in the area of neuro-informatics to increase access to and utilization of neuroscience data.

Just as science was able to harness the power of the printing press to foster scientific communication and collaboration, we must now establish the means for communicating and utilizing the digital technologies for scientific communication and discovery. For this reason, I have been working in the area of knowledge representation in the neurosciences within the Neuroscience Information Framework (NIF).

I am the scientific lead of the NIF project, which under my direction has grown into the largest source of neuroscience data and tools on the web. Through NIF and my neuroscience background, I have a unique global perspective on issues in data sharing and utilization in the neurosciences and have gained considerable insight and expertise in working with diverse biomedical data. We have recently extended the NIF framework to develop data portals for NIDDK (dkNET) and the RRID community portal.

I serve as the lead for the Resource Identification Initiative, a FORCE11, the Future of Research Communications and e-Scholarship, group dedicated to transforming scholarly communication. RRIDs are unique identifiers for Key Biological Resources, aggregated by our group from community databases and requested from authors in participating journals, including Cell, eLife and others.

My background in working in Neuroscience data, bioinformatics and ontology development makes me well suited to lead SciCrunch, a technology startup focused on making sense of big biological data.