Anil Chandy

Anil Chandy is VP, Major Reference Works & Textbooks publishing at Springer Nature and is Managing Director of Springer Nature Singapore.

Anil joined Springer in 2007 to set up the first editorial team for the organization in Asia (outside of Japan) and was responsible for expanding the Major Reference Works publishing portfolio across Asia before taking up responsibility for the global program in 2014. Currently the reference works program encompasses all of Springer Nature’s publishing disciplines that are under the Springer and Palgrave Macmillan imprints with an editorial team based in New York, London, Heidelberg, New Delhi, Hong Kong, Beijing and Singapore.

Anil is also responsible for technology and data teams involved in customized software development and workflow solutions for reference works and textbooks. He serves as the member for Asia for Springer Nature’s Global Diversity & Inclusion Council. Outside of Springer Nature, he is a publisher representative and Board Member of CLASS (the Copyright and Licensing Administration Society of Singapore) and a member of the Singapore Institute of Directors. Anil is an alumni of Sage, OUP and Deloitte Consulting.