STM is a project partner in ODE: Opportunities for Data Exchange.September 2012
RESEARCH DATA: Result highlights from ODE-project now available
The ODE project has summarized the main results from the project about data sharing and data availability for each stakeholder group involved. Here below you find the ODE Datasheets for:


About ODE

ODE is a two-year project co-funded by the EU with STM as one of the participants. The project aims to described best practice examples and make recommendations on improved exchange of research data.

The purpose of this project is to provide the entire scientific community, the European Commission, national/regional funding agencies in the Member States and the designers of the e-Infrastructure of tomorrow, as well as all actors in the value chain of scholarly communication, with the ability to make and respond to informed decisions, across four objectives:

  • To engage and raise the profile of data sharing, re-use and preservation as an issue with each of our target audiences or communities of interest (using an extensive communication strategy and analysing low-lying fruits)
  • To capture the opinions and experiences of a critical mass of representatives from those communities (using our events and our early results)
  • To undertake further, in-depth, investigation into the issues raised by those commentators where necessary (using the knowledge acquired from our events)
  • To document our findings as thematic reports addressing key issues, such as those described above and those identified during the project (using the results of the investigations, our knowledge of the target audiences from the communication strategy)

STM contributes by focusing on the way research data and publications can be integrated, and linked for longevity and how datacitation can be better organized.

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