Company : IAEA
Location : Vienna, Austria
Closing Date : 2021-07-30
Website : https://bit.ly/3hAHOfw

Organizational SettingThe Department of Management (MT) provides a ‘platform of services’ that serves as a foundation for the successful delivery of the IAEA’s scientific and technical programmes. Its mission statement is as follows: “MT is a partner and a business enabler that champions change and efficiency, leveraging a common purpose”.One of the main functions assigned to the IAEA by its Statute is to foster the exchange of scientific and technical information and the dissemination of knowledge in the nuclear field among Member States. To facilitate the effective exchange and dissemination of information relevant to the IAEA's work and mandate, the Division of Conference and Document Services coordinates and supports the implementation of these activities for its users and clients, both internal and external, by organizing meetings and conferences, issuing documents in the six official IAEA languages, i.e. Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish, and editing, printing and distributing publications.The IAEA has an extensive publishing programme, implemented by its Publishing Section, which produces a wide range of publications on nuclear related issues in both print and electronic formats. Inputs in the form of manuscripts of scientific/technical publications, advocacy items, electronic publishing requests and graphic design proposals originating from all parts of the house are handled by the Publishing Section. Main PurposeReporting to the Unit Head, the Editor carries out detailed editing of complex scientific/technical manuscripts, as well as a limited number of policy related documents, in compliance with international scientific editing and publishing standards and the IAEA's publishing policies and practices. The Editor ensures that the IAEA's quality standards are being met in all publications and policy related documents and that customers receive professional, efficient and expeditious editorial services that are responsive to their needs. He/she coordinates the production and publication of scientific and technical manuscripts and policy related documents.RoleIn addition to being (1) an expert professional editor, reviewing and revising complex scientific/technical texts and a limited number of policy related documents, the incumbent is: (2) a service provider, contributing to the expeditious and efficient delivery of professional editorial services to customers throughout the house; (3) an editorial adviser, providing guidance to technical officers on the preparation of IAEA publications; (4) a quality control specialist, ensuring the implementation of the IAEA's high editorial standards in the preparation of all English-language publications; and (5) a project manager, coordinating the work of designated freelance editors and publishing specialists. Functions / Key Results Expected Review and edit manuscripts and policy related documents, in compliance with international scientific editing and publishing standards and the IAEA's publishing policies and practices;Provide editorial quality control by ensuring that the IAEA's editorial standards are met in the preparation of all English-language publications;Conduct and manage projects, such as book projects, from initial draft through to final publication by ensuring inclusion of all relevant parties, liaising with freelance editors and coordinate in-house production of scientific/technical publications;Provide advice and guidance to manuscript originators on the preparation and presentation, for electronic or paper formats, of IAEA scientific/technical publications and a limited number of policy related documents.Qualifications, Experience and Language skills-University Degree in English or relevant scientific area.-Minimum of five years of work experience in scientific editing and publishing, preferably with a science publisher. Experience in the publishing programme of an international, public sector or non-profit organization highly desirable.-Excellent oral and written command of English as mother tongue or principal language of education, with a thorough knowledge of its semantics, grammar and style. Knowledge of other official IAEA languages (Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish) is an asset.RemunerationThe IAEA offers an attractive remuneration package including a tax-free annual net base salary starting at US $62120 (subject to mandatory deductions for pension contributions and health insurance), a variable post adjustment which currently amounts to US $ 30812*, dependency benefits, rental subsidy, education grant, relocation and repatriation expenses; 6 weeks' annual vacation, home leave, pension plan and health insurance