Clinical Editor (China), the BMJ / 临床编辑(中国),英国医学杂志

Company : BMJ
Location : Beijing
Closing Date : 31/03/2020
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Clinical Editor (China), the BMJ



Location 工作地点

BMJ China’s office located in Yansha Business Area, Chaoyang District, Beijing



The successful candidate will be based full time in Beijing, and will join a growing BMJ team in China while also liaising closely with The BMJ's editorial team in London. He or she will report to Dr. Kamran Abbasi, Executive Editor, The BMJ.


成功的候选人将全职在北京工作,加入不断发展的BMJ出版集团(BMJ)的中国团队,同时与BMJ在伦敦总部的The BMJ编辑团队紧密协作。他/她将汇报给The BMJ的执行主编Kamran Abbasi博士。


Purpose of this position 职位目标

The BMJ, one of the world’s leading medical journals, is seeking a clinical editor in Beijing to support its activities in China.


世界领先的医学期刊《英国医学杂志》(The British Medical Journal / The BMJ),在北京招聘一名临床编辑以支持其在中国的相关活动。


The Clinical Editor will support the development of The BMJ’s editorial growth in China by supporting the development of the relationships with leading researchers and institutions, helping with content development relevant to China, and appraising research papers submitted to The BMJ.


该职位将处理The BMJ的研究论文来稿,协助期刊在中国的编辑业务发展,并支持期刊与中国一流研究机构和研究者的互动。


Key tasks: 核心任务


1. Roles as Clinical Editor,the BMJ

1. the BMJ临床编辑的职责


  • Supporting a strategy-driven programme of editorial outreach
  • 支持战略驱动的编辑外联项目
  • Handling and managing peer review for original research papers submitted to The BMJ
  • 管理The BMJ的研究论文来稿的同行评审流程
  • Working on presentations and workshops
  • 开展演讲及研讨会
  • Planning and delivering public presentations on how to get published and on The BMJ's editorial policies and practices
  • 规划并实施关于如何发表文章以及 The BMJ 的编辑政策和最佳实践的公开演讲
  • Helping recruit and manage a China Editorial Board for The BMJ
  • 协助招募并管理The BMJ中国编委会
  • Commissioning and writing news, editorials, comment articles and blogs (and ultimately education) for and sometimes for Student BMJ
  • 为 以及Student BMJ 组稿及撰写新闻,社论,评论文章及博客
  • Developing and managing user-generated content for, including Rapid Responses (letters) and blogs
  • 发展、管理bmj.com上的使用者创造的内容,包括快速响应(快报)和博客


2. General editorial roles within BMJ Group

BMJ 的一般编辑职责


  • Liaising regularly with The BMJ’s London-based commissioning and editing teams about content and policies
  • 与位于伦敦总部的The BMJ组稿和编辑团队进行关于内容和政策的定期联络
  • Other occasional writing for The BMJ
  • 完成时常有的The BMJ的写作任务
  • Acting as an ambassador for The BMJ
  • 作为the BMJ的代表


Skills and experience 技能和经验


  • Medical degree
  • 临床医学本科学位
  • PhD or above qualification in health related subjects
  • 卫生领域博士学位或以上学术背景
  • 3 years postgraduate clinical experience
  • 3年毕业后临床经验
  • Overseas experience as a student, researcher or employee
  • 海外学习、研究或全职工作的经验
  • Experience of public speaking and giving presentations
  • 公开演讲或报告的经验


Competencies 胜任力


  • Ability to work alone and as part of a team, and willingness/ability to join weekly conference calls with The BMJ’s London-based team
  • 能够独自工作并能与团队合作,有意愿/能力与The BMJ伦敦团队每周开电话会议
  • Strong communication skills – with colleagues, authors/readers, and with audiences: must be a confident and competent public speaker
  • 较强的沟通能力–与同事,作者/读者以及与听众的沟通:自信、胜任的的公众演讲者
  • Proficiency in written and spoken English
  • 精通英语写作和口头沟通
  • Commercial astuteness
  • 商业敏感性
  • Ability to travel up to 8 weeks a year, in total, within China and visit the UK from time to time particularly for key meetings at The BMJ
  • 能完成一年最多8周的境内出差,并不定期访问英国以参加The BMJ的重要会议
  • Ability to spend a month or longer in London for induction and initial training at The BMJ
  • 能在伦敦出差一个月或更长的时间以完成The BMJ的入职培训


Desirable attributes 优选条件


  • Experience as an editor handling submitted and commissioned articles, ideally at a medical journal
  • 担任医学期刊编辑,处理稿件或者组稿的经验
  • 1-2 years experience in clinical research
  • 1-2年临床研究经验
  • Proven experience of critical appraisal of clinical research and/or peer review
  • 对临床研究和/或同行评审进行严格评估的记录和经验
  • Experience of web/internet writing
  • 网络/互联网写作经验


How to Apply 如何申请


For applications or inquiries, please contact Mr Tao via email before 31st March 2020. Please quote the job title in the subject of your email, and submit a CV in both English and Chinese as your application.



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