STM 1st Asian Intensive STM Journals Course


The first STM course located in the Asian-Pacific region will be held in Hong Kong 24th to 27th February. The venue is the Robert Black College at the top of the campus of the University of Hong Kong. The course will run from lunchtime on the Sunday until lunchtime on the Wednesday.

The course will be directed by Anthony Watkinson (Senior Lecturer University College London and Director of Training and Education STM) with assistance by Mark Robertson (Wiley-Blackwell) and Maurice Kwong(Springer).There will be a certificate of attendance for all those completing the course from STM and from UCL.

The cost for each student will be €1850 and this will include accommodation for three nights. All meals and all tutorial costs are included too. If an organization is able to send three or more students the cost will be reduced to €1650 per student. 

The course is adapted from the course that has been held in Europe for seventeen years. There have been several Asian students on this course every year and the course in Hong Kong is a response to a demand for a local course that has frequently been expressed.

As with the European course, the aim is to provide a serious grounding in all aspects of learned journal publishing. The emphasis will be on understanding in depth the various publishing functions. It is intended that each function should be understood within the overall context of joined-up publishing. The presenters have been asked to describe journal publishing as it is but also the changes that are taking place and the challenges facing our industry.

The case study, which is central to the course, is based upon a real proposal from a group of learned societies in an Asian country. It will involve a written proposal and also each participant will be required to be part of a group presentation. It is however understood by both the presenters and the course tutors that the majority of those taking part in the course will not have English as a first language.

Who Should Attend

To successfully participate in this course, the participants should have some publishing experience within an STM member company or another scholarly or professional publishing organisation. It is only appropriate for those involved in international English-language publishing. It must be emphasised that the course is as much designed for those from production or service functions as for editorial and marketing/sales people. 

The size of the venue means that there will only be room for twenty students. There are therefore good reasons for booking places as soon as possible. If there are any queries about the nature of the course, please ask Anthony Watkinson.

Final Programme
Sunday, 24th February

  • 12.00 Registration
  • 12.30 Lunch
  • Introduction 
    Anthony Watkinson
  • Role and Future of the STM Journal
    Michael Mabe
    (CEO, STM)
  • Explanation of case Study and delivery of the case study to students
    Mark Robertson
  • Break & initial work on the case study in three groups
  • Editorial/Strategic Journal Development
    Amanda Davis
  • More work on case study in three groups
  • Pre-dinner drinks with speech about STM
  • Evening meal
  • Further work on case study in groups

Monday, 25 February

  • Breakfast
  • Questions & Answers on Case Study
    Anthony Watkinson
  • Finance
    Nee Phua (World Scientific)
  • Break and further work on base study in groups
  • Lunch
  • Content Management including Hosting
    Pam Sutherland
    (Oxford University Press)
  • Break
  • Subscriptions and Customer Service
    Robert Gorter
  • Work on case study in groups
  • Evening meal followed by further work on case study in groups

Tuesday, 26 February

  • Breakfast
  • Law and Licensing
    Mark Seeley (Elsevier)
  • Break
  • Marketing
    Joe Lam (Elsevier)
  • Visit to Library and one hour talk by the librarian
    Tony Ferguson
  • Lunch
  • Hand in business financials
  • Evening meal
  • Hand in written proposals

Wednesday 27 February

  • Breakfast
  • Presentations by three groups
  • Break
  • Evaluations, Summing up
    Anthony Watkinson, Mark Robertson, Maurice Kwong (Springer)
  • Presentation of certificates of attendance and completion from the International Association of STM Publishers and The Centre for Publishing at University College London
  • 13.15 Lunch

Events Terms and Conditions

Where an event has registration fees, cancellations made in writing up to 30 days before an event are eligible for a 50% refund. No refunds can be made for cancellations received on or after 30 days prior to the event date, however, substitutions may be made free of charge at any time.

Registration fees do not include insurance. Participants are advised to take out adequate personal insurance to cover travel, accommodation, cancellation and personal effects.