STM Digital Publishing 2015
Production Technologies, Content Management and More
An STM Week Event

This year's STM Digital Publishing seminar is an evolution of the original eProduction day, an annual seminar which brings together the industry's leading digital operations proponents to give you an insight into the essential trends and developments facing us in the near future.

For 2015 the co-Directors, Tasha Mellins-Cohen and Janine Burr-Willans, have pulled together a collection of excellent speakers to discuss two of the key themes exercising the industry at the moment: how can we make the best use of our platforms, and what can we do to take advantage of new technologies?

In the morning, we will hear from a variety of publishers on the subject of “the platform wars”. Ove Kähler will kick off the day with a keynote presentation discussing the challenges facing Brill, a publisher managing many different content types from journals and books to primary sources and bibliographies.

This is followed by a panel discussion chaired by Freddie Quek, looking at whether we should change our focus from siloing our content to sharing it across platforms, a talk from Lisa McLaughlin covering the way large publishers may approach to their platform strategies, before finishing with Leighton Chipperfield, who will help us understand what smaller society publishers have to do to keep up with their larger brethren.

The afternoon brings with it a change of focus, from strategy to technology. Have your production team expressed a wish to move away from paper-based proof markup? Then Petra Abbam’s panel is for you.

And if web-based mathematical display is the source of your headaches, Ahmed Hindawi has a solution for you. We also have Bill Kasdorf’s essential technology and standards update, and a final session on one of the most neglected, but very troublesome, topic of citation and reference management, from Tom Hatton and Peter Burnhill.

Seminar Co Directors:  Tasha Mellins-Cohen, Semantico 
                                        Janine Burr-Willans, Emerald Insight


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Tasha MC & Janine BW


Keynote: Beyond journals – developing a platform strategy for Brill, a publisher with many content types

Brill is a scholarly publisher with a focus on the humanities, social sciences and international law. Next to 240 journals, Brill publishes almost 1,000 monographs per year – all available online – plus 140 databases, including reference works, bibliographies, dictionaries, and primary sources. In this presentation, Ove will explain Brill’s current platform strategy and explore how the publisher’s content diversity could be addressed in the future.

Ove Kähler, Brill


Panel: The Future of Platform Wars: Is this where STM Publishers should be focusing?

Freddie Quek

A big question that publishers face is what to do with their publishing platforms. Should they build, buy or partner? The panel will discuss this and ask whether publishers should look at building better ways of sharing content across partners, competitors for the benefit of the users and consumers, and ultimately the publishers themselves.

Freddie Quek, Group Head of Software at The Collinson Group and Research Associate at Henley Business School

James Walker, IOPP

Christian Kohl, Consultant

John Sack, HighWirePress


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The next generation platform

Lisa McLaughlin, AIPP


Levelling the playing field: smaller publishers and modern technologies

Being small can be beautiful – and brings inherent challenges and opportunities. As the nature of scientific research, networking and publishing evolves, smaller publishers are finding ways to use new technologies to build on their inherent strengths, diversify income streams, and help them punch above their weight. This talk will look at selected technologies across a modern society publishing business to understand the value they add.

Leighton Chipperfield, Microbiology Society




Panel: Web-based proof markup technologies

As publication times are falling, bottlenecks can still be found in the correction process, which has historically relied on PDF markup. Online proofing systems can drastically reduce publication times while also giving authors more control over their articles. This panel discussion will look at the use of these systems from three very different perspectives: the publisher, the vendor and the author.

Each speaker will give a brief overview of their experience of proofing systems. This will be followed by a panel debate on the need for such systems, with the opportunity for the audience to weigh in.

Petra Abbam, British Institute of Radiology (chair)

Caroline Burley, Royal Society of Chemistry
Ravi Venkataramani, Exeter Premedia
Author: David Eaton, Lead clinical scientist for the National Radiotherapy Trials Quality Assurance Group


Automated Equation Breaking: Making Mathematical Equations Responsive

MathML provides a standard way to markup mathematical equations using XML and is currently widely used in the scholarly publishing industry. MathML 3.0 provides some basic automatic line breaking functionality and allows the insertion of different breaking and alignment points to break up a long mathematical formula into several lines to suit a particular text or screen width. However, this is not only tedious, time consuming, and subject to human error, but it essentially provides only a single way to break a particular formula to suit a predetermined text or screen width. In order to address the limitations of manually inserted breaking and alignment points in MathML equations, we developed an automatic equation breaker that breaks the same mathematical formula in different ways to suit a range of text or screen widths. We have also developed a tool that uses this automatic equation breaker to make mathematical equations as responsive as other native HTML elements on a truly responsive website.

Ahmed Hindawi, Hindawi Publishing Corporation


Refreshment break


Technical update

Bill Kasdorf, Apex


Citation management and referencing

-          Why citing can be as easy as a Like

-          Link rot and content drift


Tom Hatton, RefMe

Peter Burnhill, EDINA


Wrap up & Cocktail Reception sponsored by Hindawi Publishing Corporation

Tasha MC & Janine BW








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