STM Annual US Conference 2016

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26th April 2016 Society Day: 

Professional Societies 2020: Publishing, Membership, Technology, Innovation, and Growth

Balancing mission and margin is more complicated than ever for professional societies, and the next few years promise to offer new challenges and opportunities. Join your peers and industry experts in a dynamic day tackling important issues for professional society leaders:

• State of the Industry — what is working, what is growing, what is challenged?
• The Commercial Positioning of Your Publishing Operation — how do you make the most of it, and what innovative options are available to drive growth and increase impact?
• Society Membership 2020 — how do you add members, keep the right ones, and appeal to emerging attitudes and demographics?
• Emerging Tools and Technology — what new technologies and tools may factor into your success in the next few years?

Join more than 100 colleagues in this exclusive day targeting important strategic drivers in the success of professional societies of all sizes and shapes.

Provisional Programme


Registration & coffee


Opening & Welcome

Darrell W. Gunter, Director, STM North America and Membership

Keynote - Greg Melia, CAE, Chief Member Relations and Strategy Development Officer
ASAE: The Center for Association Leadership


Industry Update: Sustainability of Scientific Society Business Models: What is the outlook for the future

Catherine O'Riordan, Chief Operating Officer, American Institute of Physics


Coffee Break & Networking 


Commercial Positioning and Direction of your Publishing Operation

The society business publishing operation has evolved over the years and the demands of the members have increased as well. Join us as our executive panel explores these topics and shares their views and best practices to drive optimum performance in their respective organizations.

Moderated by:  Joe Esposito, President, Processed Media

Angela Cochran, Director Journals, American Society of Civil Engineers

David Gammel, Executive Director, Entomological Society of America

Edith Holmes, Executive Director, Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy (JOSPT)


Lunch & Networking


Society Membership 2020 - Defining the New Society Organization While Driving Member Value, Growth, Outreach and Public Affairs

In this session, our panel will explore society membership attitudes across generations to help marketing, membership, publishing and strategy professionals better understand the value of an organization’s membership benefits to different demographics.  Our panel will explore but not be limited to the following topics:

Society membership attitudes across generations to help the society executive team better understand the value of an organization’s membership benefits to different demographics

Understanding and addressing the generational differences in what members value and want from the society

The critical importance of analyzing customer value through analytical frameworks such as RFM – Recency, Frequency, Monetary Value – via a real society case study

Moderated by:  Ian King, Executive Director Membership, APA

Krista Barnes, VP of Membership, ASCO

Bill Deluise, VP, Society Marketing and Strategy, John Wiley & Sons

Erik Schonher, Vice President, Marketing General, Inc.


Emerging Collaborative Technology and Tools Moving Research Forward!

Join our dynamic panelists as they share their insights and experiences: 

Case studies on actual implementations and the lessons learned

The state of art of collaboration tools

Lessons from other societies on using collaborative technology solutions to advance their field and better support their editors, authors, members, and other stakeholders

Moderated by: Daniya Tamendarova, Director, Strategic Business Development, APA Journals

Deric Corlew, Vice President of Business Development, Research Square

Content is Still King: A Partnered Approach to Research Promotion

With the concurrent rise of open access and social media, researchers are increasingly required to promote and explain their work to a broader audience. However, researchers struggle with generating the right content and finding the right dissemination channels. They continue to look to societies and publishers to lead marketing and promotion efforts around their published research. This talk will outline ways that Research Square is partnering with societies to help researchers successfully communicate their work through video and other media.

Josh Freeman, Founding General Manager, Trellis and Senior Adviser, Multi-Media Strategies, AAAS.  

Susan Cato, Director, Digital Strategy & Member Services, American Society of Plant Biologists

Karen McCord, Chief Executive Officer, Breezio


Meeting wrap-up & close
Kent Anderson, Chief Executive Officer, RedLink


Refreshment Break & Networking


Kent Anderson, Chief Executive Officer, RedLink
Michael Clarke, President, Clarke & Company
Maureen Naff, Springer Nature, Director Global Marketing
Robert Harington, Associate Exec Dir., Publishing, American Mathematical Society
David Sampson, VP Publishing, American Society Clinical Oncology
Jasper Simons, Publisher, American Psychological Association
Daniya Tamendarova, Director, Strategic Business Development, APA Journals 




26th - 28th April 2016 STM Annual US conference

Emerge!  Pushing new boundaries and discoveries to enhance scholarly research

Scholarly publishing is constantly facing a fork in the road as Technology, Open Access, Mobile Accessibility, Cyber Security, etc., presents new challenges and opportunities.

Join over 200 executives who will share in the presentations, discussion and debates around these topics:
• Big Data Analytics and Visualization tools for success
• Copyright, Piracy and Digital Theft, how can you protect your customers and publishing house
• Building A High Performing Team, what is the recipe?
• What is the new publishing strategy for 2020?

Provisional Programme

Tuesday, April 26, 2016





Darrell W. Gunter, Director North America & Membership, STM Association


Steven Hall, Managing Director, IOP Publishing & Chair of the Board, STM Association


STM U. S. Conference Opening Keynote: 

“What Millennials Want From Work!”

Jennifer Deal, Senior Research Scientist, Center For Creative Leadership

5:45 – 7:00

Opening Reception for U. S. Conference & Society seminar attendees


Wednesday, April 27, 2016 


Light continental breakfast & networking



Darrell W. Gunter, STM Association


Steven Hall, Managing Director, IOP Publishing & Chair of the Board, STM Association


The Legal Update:  Protecting your copyright and guarding against piracy.  Our panel will explore how the industry is responding to the prolific rise of piracy.

Moderated by: Peter Katz, Sr. VP Elsevier

Don Hamparian, Sr. Product Manager Identity Management, OCLC 

Carlo Scollo Lavizzari, Attorney, Lenz and Caemmerer

Craig Griffin, Director, Platform RoadMap, Silverchair


Coffee Break & Networking


STM Lecture Series

Visualizations That Drive Discovery!

Beth Anderson, Co Founder, CEO Arkitek Scientific

Beth Anderson of Arkitek Scientific explores how 3D animation can be used to visually illuminate complex science for both scientific communities and laymen alike. How science is being done is changing, as both groups are increasingly called upon to understand very complicated phenomena: to further the field of knowledge, for health decisions, for STEM requirements and in political election cycles. How best to bridge the divide between disciplines, as well as between scientists and the public?

Animations and simulations can provide mental grappling hooks for people seeking to learn about difficult subjects. They can open the door to greater interest and understanding because they are engaging, visually stunning and stimulate the viewer’s curiosity.


Lunch & Networking



Identifying the Identifiers!  Managing the depth of identifiers from authors to institutions to publishers is an ongoing challenge that the industry vigorously addresses daily.  Join our esteemed panel as they explore the current and future of identifiers.

Moderated by:  Richard Padley, Chairman, Semantico

Laurel Haak, Executive Director, ORCID

Connecting People Places and Things.  ORCID’s vision is a world in which where all who participate in research and innovation, from imagining to building and managing, are uniquely identified and connected to their contributions across disciplines, borders, and time. For this to be realized, all components of the research ecosystem must be motivated and engaged to "do the right thing."  So, what does that mean and how is it going?

Content Identifiers, a critical part of the identifier map

Chuck Koscher, Director Technology, Crossref

Identifiers are everywhere, being assigned to  many of the actors in the scholarly communications landscape. More important than the individual identifiers themselves are the relationships between them.  Identifier relationships define a mapping that then can be used for study and analysis by researchers and stakeholders. So get ready for the real fun (and the real work) as we move beyond just tagging stuff with identifiers.

Consuming Identifiers: A Tale of Knitting

Howard Ratner, Executive Director, CHORUS

Identifiers are key to the success of CHORUS in providing a sustainable path to public access to scholarly content reporting on funded research. By knitting them together with services, open APIs, and best practices we are fulfilling this mission cost-effectively. Let’s explore what more we can achieve and which identifiers need more adoption by publishers.      


TDM! (Text, Data Mining)

Moderated by and Speaker: Deni Auclair, VP & Lead Analyst, Outsell, Inc.

Bob Kasenchak,Jr., Director of Business Development, Access Innovations, Inc.  

Susan LeBeau, Vice President of Sales, Linguamatics


Coffee Break & Networking


The Publishing Critical Path:  The Stake Holders!

The publishing critical path for the most part has not changed over the years however the various links of the critical path are constantly being enhanced by new technology.  How can publishers build on this value chain, join us as our panel addresses answers this question.

Moderated by: Thane Kerner, CEO, Silverchair Holdings

Advancing an online research communities ecosystem

Esther Heuver, Product Manager Mendeley, Elsevier

The world of research is changing: doing research is increasingly more complex and researchers find themselves in an ever more demanding and fiercely competitive environment. At the same time, the social network plays an increasingly central role in researchers’ lives. At Mendeley, we envision that researchers will access, consume, interact with, and publish scientific information in an ecosystem of online research communities. At this point the publishing world merges with the social network world and offers a collective opportunity for the publishing industry to expand on the value we add. Through Mendeley, Elsevier builds the foundation to better cater to the needs which modern-day researchers have and enable them to focus again on what they love doing most: doing research.

Frank Rubino, Director, MarkLogic

Lisa Bos, CTO/EVP, Publishing Solutions, RSI Content Solutions

Kent Anderson, Chief Executive Officer, RedLink


Day wrap-up & close
Darrell W. Gunter, STM Association

5:30 – 7:00

Reception at the National Press Club

Thursday, April 28, 2016


Light Continental Breakfast & Networking


STM Tech Trends Lecture Series

Moderated by: Sam Bruinsma, Director of Business development, Brill. Chair of STM Future Lab 


Launch of the new STM Tech Trends

Eefke Smit, Director of Standards and Technology, STM Association

STM Tech Trends 2020, The Floodgates of Technology are Open


Tech Trends Panel

Moderated by: Chris Kenneally, Dir. Bus Development, Copyright Clearance Center

Sam Bruinsma, Director of Business development, Brill, & Chair of STM Future Lab
Michael Forster, Managing Director, Publications, IEEE
Phill Jones, VP, Head of Publisher Outreach, Digital Science
Heather Ruland Staines, Director, Publisher and Content Strategy, Proquest/ SPIX


Break & Networking


Data Privacy Panel – Protecting all of your data in today’s environment requires that publishers are being very proactive and diligent.  Join our panel as they discuss the best practices in protecting your data assets.

Moderated by: Gerry Grenier, Sr. Director, Publishing Technologies, IEEE

Keynote – Pam Dixon, Executive Director, World Privacy Forum

Todd Carpenter, Executive Director, NISO

The freedom to pursue intellectual pursuits and scholarship requires a freedom from oversight and control.  In the library sphere that has translated into a freedom from tracking of reading behavior and privacy controls on data about content that has been searched for and accessed.  However, as the amount of content has moved increasingly online, and the number of services that libraries provide are mediated electronically in some form, the privacy polices, systems controls, and data use policies have not kept pace with the rapid transformations online.  One key aspect of this is the fact that many library services that had traditionally been controlled within the library are now managed by service providers. During this talk, we will examine the roll that publishers now play in providing library services to patrons and the ethical, policy, and legal implications that brings with it, as highlighted in NISO’s Patron Privacy Principles published last fall, which will be covered.

Carlo Scollo Lavizzari, Attorney, Lenz and Caemmerer

IJsbrand Jan Aalbersberg, SVP Research Integrity, Elsevier


Close of Conference

Steven Hall, Managing Director, IOP Publishing & Chair of the Board, STM Association


Members Only Forum

Update on issues critical to academic & professional publishers


Close of Members Only Forum


Kaveh Bazargan, River Valley Technologies
Michael Clarke, President, Clarke & Company
Gerry Grenier, Senior Director, Publishing Technologies, IEEE
Sue Kesner, Senior Director, Rightsholder Relations, CCC
John Shaw, VP, Sage Publishing 
Carrie Christensen, Publisher, Elsevier




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