European Research Innovation Days and STM’s Position on Research Assessment

In conjunction with European Research Innovation Days 2022, which kicks off tomorrow, the coalition for reforming assessment will present a newly finalized Agreement on Reforming Research Assessment. It will then officially be open for signatures. As a member of the coalition as well as a strong supporter of the issue of reform, STM is committed to enabling a fair research assessment system that rewards quality and impact.

As described in an announcement by the European Commission released in July, the coalition’s Agreement “establishes a shared direction for changes in assessment practices for research, researcher and research performing organisations, with the over-arching goal of maximising the quality and impact of research.”

This summer, STM too released Our Position on Research Assessment - which emphasizes the importance of collaboration from across the research ecosystem and includes, together with positioning, examples of initiatives and projects that STM and our members are collaborating on that power the technical infrastructure and standards that enable research discoveries, research communications and research evaluation. 

“We are eager to grow our collaborations, to engage, for instance with institutions and funders to help change incentives for researchers,” said Caroline Sutton, CEO, STM.

Organizations interested in learning more about STM Position on Research Assessment can download our positioning paper. If you are interested in discussing a potential collaboration, please contact Barbara Kalumenos (