Mentee Registration Form

Please complete this form with as much detail as possible. The information submitted will be used to identify the most suitable mentor for you. Please keep in mind that although the committee will do its best to pair you based on the information outlined in your application, we may not be able to accommodate all of your preferences. If you need any help completing this, please contact the Scheme Administrator at

Potential Mentees please note:

  • Your application to the program does not guarantee a mentor pairing
  • We will do our best to pair mentees with the best possible match, however, we are limited to the expertise of the mentors who apply each year
  • Please keep an open mind about your pairing, while we may not be able to fulfil all of your requests for a mentor – there is always something new you can learn from someone else
  • What to expect from the programme:
    • You can expect to hear back about your pairing/inclusion in the programme by the end of January 2023
    • This is a voluntary program
    • This programme is “Mentee-led”

By submitting this form you agree and confirm that:

  • If you are assigned a mentor, you agree to being committed to the programme including the engagement in a minimum of at least one session per month over a six month period.
  • You have discussed potential participation in this scheme with your organisation.

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