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The STM Report 2018

Released in time for STM’s anniversary, the fifth edition of the STM Report is essential reading for all interested in the shape, size and future of the scholarly publishing industry.

An Overview of STM Publishing
and the Value it Adds to Research Outputs

Position Paper on Scientific, Technical and Medical Publishing

"The role of the publisher is often confused with that of the printer or manufacturer, but the role is, of course, much wider. STM publishers frequently make 3–7 year investments in the development of new journals around which emerging scientific communities seek to coalesce. These journals in new, niche markets both reflect, and help shape, the development of emerging scientific fields – frequently the source of major break- throughs that directly benefit human health and welfare. STM publishers also expand, re-focus (or close) existing journals in parallel with key developments in their fields."

Scientific Publishing in Transition

This paper presents an overview of the current state of the world of scientific journal publishing. The data used in the paper has been sourced where possible from published reports and articles.

"There are about 23,000 scholarly journals in the world, collectively publishing 1.4 million articles a year. The number of articles published each year and the number of journals have both grown steadily for over two centuries, by about 3% and 3.5% per year respectively. The reason is the equally persistent growth in the number of researchers, which has also grown at about 3% per year and now stands at around 5.5 million"


STM Journal Publishing in 2010

A short presentation and collection of facts on the industry

"2,000 publishers publish around 1.4 million peer reviewed articles per year in 23,000 journals."

"UK universities spend around 0.5% of their annual income on STM journals (£116MM in 2008)"

Networking Knowledge Videos

Check out STM's new short & smart videos about the publishers' role in scholarly communication.

Networking Knowledge - The world of STM publishing (8:11)
Networking Knowledge - It's all about discoverability (8:46)

Both videos explain simply how publishers add value to scholarly communication and aid its dissemination, discovery, and evaluation. 
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Facts About Scholarly Scientific Publishing

This document presents some interesting facts in a short and easy to digest format

"Annual revenues generated from English-language STM journal publishing are estimated at about $8 billion in 2008. The industry employs an estimated 110,000 people globally, of which some 50,000 work in the US and about 44,000 are employed in the EU."

Usage-based measures of journal impact and quality

"The overall aim of the Usage Factor project is to explore how online journal usage statistics might form the basis of a new measure of journal impact and quality, the Journal Usage Factor (JUF). The specific objectives of the project are: to examine the ways in which journal quality is currently assessed; to assess whether the JUF would be a statistically meaningful measure; whether it would be accepted by researchers, publishers, librarians and research institutions; whether it would be statistically credible and robust; whether there is an organizational and economic model for its implementation that would be acceptable to the major stakeholder groups."

PEER Review Survey

"Should peer review detect fraud and misconduct? What does it do for science and what does the scientific community want it to do?  Will it illuminate good ideas or shut them down? Should reviewers remain anonymous? These questions are part of one of the largest ever international surveys of authors and reviewers (over 4,000), the Peer Review Survey 20091, whose preliminary findings are released today."

Research Publication Characteristics and their Research Values

A Report for the Publishing Research Consortium. Sep 2010
C Tenopir, S Allard, B Bates, K J Levine, D W King,
B Birch, R Mays and C Caldwell
. (CICS)
PRC November 2010. 51pp

"Scholars consider many factors when judging the potential quality of articles and deciding which articles to read. These factors may also influence their perception of the overall quality of the article. The goal of this project is to examine and measure the relative values of selected research publication characteristics to scientists and scholars and to understand the trade-offs readers make between these characteristics."

Analogies explaining STM publishing

These internal documents help to explain STM Publishing to a non-publishing audience

Theatre analogy
Tennis analogy
Water industry analogy

"The common theme shared between scholarly publishing industry and the performing arts industry is storytelling.  As the performing arts industry is a patchwork of styles and genres – theatre, dance and music in any live combination – scholarly publishing encompasses everything from the latest discoveries in cancer research to understanding human relationships. Like each creative art form, each scientific discipline, whether it is physics or sociology, contributes to human knowledge and the advancement of society."

STM Publishers: Innovating Scholarly Communication for Today and Tomorrow

"STM publishers are at the forefront of innovation. Our commitment to supporting and adapting the tools offered by the web and cutting-edge technological solutions to enhance scholarly communication has resulted in huge benefits for the research community, transforming the way in which scholars share information and collaborate. This in turn also has relevance for society as a whole − informing important decisions about healthcare, the economy, our environment, technology and government."

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