Video Competition

The competition is now closed!

The winner can be viewed here.

Enter now - STM’s Video Competition - What do publishers “do”

Win prizes! Show your colleagues, friends, family and the global research community what you do every day!

  • First prize: iPad3
  • Highly commended (2 awards): iPodTouch

What do publishers “do”?

Publishers provide a vast amount of information in a variety of formats (journals, reference, books, databases, mobile apps. . .) to a global community of scholars, educators, students and consumers. All this while providing added value to the products -- and service throughout the globe. As a publishing community. we don’t always do the best job of telling that story.

Here’s your chance to tell the story, and show how you fit into this dynamic industry. Tell us what you do in your organization. We want to know how your work contributes to the world of scholarly information.  If you write, sell, edit, market, review, revise, provide customer service, research, license, support . . .  enter this contest.

First Prize winner - Wins an iPad3. Video screened at the the October 9, 2012 STM Annual Conference in Frankfurt, Germany.

Highly commended (two awards): Win an iPodTouch. Videos displayed at the STM Annual Conference in Frankfurt.

What you need to “do”

People working in STM member organizations are eligible.

By September 7, 2012. Produce a video no longer than 90 seconds, showing how you or you and your colleagues are working to contribute to the world of scholarly publishing.

There are no restrictions on what your video may contain but we do plan to post them so keep that in mind. Otherwise, Live action, singing, cartoons, drawings, piece to camera  - anything that won’t embarrass you and your organization are all fine, and as long as the content is original and not defamatory. Upbeat, or straightforward, it is up to you.

All submitted videos may be posted by STM on our website,  YouTube and other social media.

Criteria for First Prize and Runners Up

Videos should be:

  • Expressive
  • Clear
  • Enlightening
  • Human
  • Original content
  • Not defamatory

Entries will be judged on content and style, not production or editing quality. Lo-fi is fine, including videos made on smartphones or flipcams.

Rules & Regulations

1. Video needs a title screen, “What I (we) do”

2. Video can’t be longer than 90 seconds

Upload your video to

along with the following disclaimer:

The views expressed in this video are those of the presenters and do not necessarily represent the views, opinions, or positions of, and should not be attributed to my employer.

This is what we “do”

All video submissions will remain confidential until final judging.

A small judging panel will choose the First Prize winner and runners up who will be announced  and shown at the STM Annual Conference in Frankfurt on October 9th 2012.

We will post the videos to the STM’s  web site, YouTube channel and promote them through STM’s newsletter and social media channels.


The small print

By posting your video you warrant that its content is original, that you secured all the necessary consents and permissions, including location filming rights and rights of privacy and publicity of persons depicted, and that you have the right to submit the video content for the purpose of entering the competition and for STM to reproduce, post and disseminate all or part of the video. You further warrant that any third-party content, such as sound-track, cartoons or images embodied in the video have been cleared for copyright to the extent required. You also give STM the irrevocable permission to reproduce, post and disseminate the video in any manner or form, with or without any edits, anywhere in the world, as long as appropriate credits are given in the customary way at the beginning or end of the video.

STM reserves the right not to post or disseminate any material received and/or to limit posting and dissemination to excerpts or edited versions.

STM will acknowledge you and/or any of the persons credited in customary fashion in the beginning or at the end of the video as submitted.

You agree to hold STM harmless against any claim actual or threatened by third parties against STM by virtue of reproducing, posting or disseminating the video or any part thereof.

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