Library Relations Committee

STM Library Relations Committee. This group brings STM members feedback of data and opinion from key market players. If members have specific questions you’d like to ask or issues  you’d like to raise contact the Chair of our Library Relations Committee and we’ll add them to our agenda.



  • Michelle M. Volesko Brewer, Market Intelligence Manager, Wolters Kluwer Health Medical Research
  • Patricia Bowers Hudson, Associate Director of Institutional Marketing, OUP
  • Elisabeth Leonard, Executive Market Research Manager, Online Products Team, SAGE Publications, Inc.
  • John Sack, Founding Director, HighWire Press


  • Stephen Abram, CEO, Executive Director,  Federation of Ontario Public Libraries
  • Mary Buttner, Digital Materials Manager, Stanford University School of Medicine
  • PJ Grier, Associate Director, Library Operations, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Dagmar Möller, Director Fresenius Literature Service,
  • Rikke Ogawa, Team Leader - Research, Instruction and Collection Services at UCLA Louise M. Darling Biomedical Library
  • Jan Orick, Director, Biomedical Library, St Jude Children's Research Hospital
  • T. Scott Plutchak, Director of Digital Curation Strategies, University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • Irina Sens, Deputy director at TIB Hannover
  • Jean P. Shipman, Executive Director, Knowledge Management and Eccles Health Sciences Library at University of Utah
  • Wayne Sime, Director of Library Services, The Royal Society of Medicine Library
  • M.J. Tooey, Executive Director, Health Sciences and Human Services Library, University of Maryland

The STM Library Committee has presented a number of successful free webinars featuring presentations from university librarians, technology providers, and scientific publishers:-

Accessing Academic Content via Mobile Devices

  • “I've just completed a project exploring the difficulties of discovering academic content on mobile devices, so this is an area I feel I know well, but I still learnt a lot and felt reassured that our thinking about how to move forward is similar to that of the 3 presenters.”
  • “The content was rich and presented clearly. Best webinar of the year!”
  • “I am amazed at the quality of the presentations in terms of content, scope of knowledge, and the incredibly well balanced speakers.  Even the responses to the questions were even-handed.”
  • “This was the most engaging and useful webinar about m-library provision I've ever attended”.
  • “Outstanding!!!!!  I wish I'd known in advance how good this was going to be.  I'd have had all of my School of Information interns attend.”
  • “Was the program recorded?  will slides be made available.  I hope so...I would like some others in my organization to see this.” 

Research Workflow Tools

  • My goal was to learn more about the various research tools being used and this overview provided me with a very good snapshot of several, including the features, pros, and cons of each.
  • Good overview of products. Liked having the library and researcher perspective.
  • Good clear structure to the event and very informative
  • I found all the sessions very clear and informative
  • It was helpful to hear an overview of what is out there, and to hear that other institutions (Stanford) support more than one of these products.
  • The session on New Online Research Workflow Tools was extremely informative with a well selected and balanced set of speakers. I am impressed!

Introduction To Altmetrics

  • I found the discussion of how librarians can use altmetrics to be most helpful. I am going to read up on some of the examples presented.
  • I found the presentations clear and understandable as opposed to another altmetrics presentation I attended. I am grateful to the presenters for the clear language.
  • Everyone was excellent. Kristi Holmes talking about real world application of altmetrics was very good.
  • It was a very clear statement of the issues still being addressed.
  • A good range of topics, well-sequenced. The presentations complemented each other well
  • It was enlightening to hear how Northwestern U. hopes to use altmetrics to "translate" research into practice and to better reach the public and measure public engagement.
  • Really helpful overview. All the speakers were great and gave me plenty of leads to explore afterwards of interesting information.