A message from our new CEO Ian Moss

It is my first week as STM’s new CEO and I wanted to send a sincere thanks to all of the people that have given me a great welcome to the organisation and have taken the time to talk to me, encourage me and give me the backing to lead STM in this, its next phase.

STM has rightly enjoyed the celebrations of its 50th anniversary year, but it now needs to look forward. Science is undergoing a transformation in the dissemination, use and consumption of published information. This change has fundamentally altered the expectations on our industry.

There are major challenges which must be met to ensure that STM is ready for the tests of the next decade as this one draws to a close. The vital task is to ensure public trust in science and research at a time when digital connectivity has made it possible to send a lie around the world much faster than the truth’s boots can be laced. Yet, also, that same connectivity can raise the frontiers of research, give wider access to evidence and information and harness new technologies to solve previously intractable problems.

Over the last year, STM has undertaken some hard thinking about its structures and its objectives. The organisation has been placed in my trust with a new vision and mission, driven by a membership that is eager to respond to the pace of change. With a mission to partner in the advancement of research, STM will support publishers whilst continuing to collaborate with all stakeholders across the scholarly communications ecosystem.

In practice this means actively supporting standards and technologies that facilitate access, ensuring trust and accelerating impact through a variety of new initiatives across Open Science, Open Access and Open Data. STM will also play its role in helping its members collaborate to achieve the shared, sustainable, objectives of trust in the published literature, reproducibility of research and open access.

I will continue to strongly champion the contribution publishers make to innovation, openness and the integrity of research. The sustainability of the publishing sector is a vital component of the wider scholarly ecosystem and plays a central role in the verification of evidence and research. This is a time to reinforce this critical role.

I want to thank the STM staff for helping with my introduction to industry and for their hard work, dedication and professionalism throughout the year. I’m incredibly honoured to be entrusted with the ongoing evolution of STM and am confident that working together we will continue to serve our industry with commitment and passion.