Digital Preservation

Now that so many publications appear in fully digitised format, it is the preservation of digital information that poses the new challenge. Over time data formats or software versions to read them will change and can even become obsolete, or future users of such information and data may not know how to use or interpret the available files from the past. And the time frames in which this can happen can be years rather than centuries. This problem calls for standards and preservation policies.

The STM Association is an active participant in many forums concerning digital preservation. As a founding member of the European Alliance for Permanent Access, and with representation on the Board, STM makes part of the discussions between several different stakeholders, from library coalitions to research funders and research institutes. In the European Alliance for Permanent Access these parties work together to preserve research data and publications for future access and reuse.

Important topics being discussed range from different preservation strategies (normalisation, conversion, emulation) to the establishment of persistent identifiers for preserved information and linking systems between publications and research data in e-archives, as well as the certification requirements for official deposit organisations who can serve as long term curators.

Digital preservation is frequently on the agenda of STM events and news about new developments is covered in the STM newsletter.

More information:

Ten Tales about Data Sharing: Project ODE presents case studies from researchers
A booklet that presents 10 case studies about the way research data can be archived, shared and made permanently accessible. The booklet, with interviews of experienced data-sharers and data-managers provide an overview of the main data-issues in the academic community.

STM Workgroup Digital Preservation

Within STM the following people contribute regularly to the Digital Preservation discussions as members of the STM Workgroup Digital Preservation:

  • Joep Verheggen, Elsevier
  • Cliff Morgan, Wiley-Blackwell
  • Heike Klingenbiel, Springer
  • Eefke Smit, STM,