RA21 Outreach Meetings

In December 2016 the first outreach meetings were held for RA21. There was participation from libraries, publishers, vendors, intermediaries, proxy servers, identity managers and other interested parties. The goal of the meeting was to brainstorm about the kind of pilots needed and wanted to test new solutions. Participants at the meeting are eager to play a role in the piloting.

Pilots will be run along the principles of self-organization and self-funding and may require a certain level of technical capability and in-kind contribution by dedicated staff. During and after conclusion of a pilot, the results will be shared among all participants and are intended to be used to develop best practices which will be made publicly available.

Upcoming Outreach meetings will be advertised on this page.

The following resources are available from these meetings:

  • powerpoint slides used in the December meetings
  • list of participants on December 8, 2016 in London UK
  • list of participants on December 12 in Washington DC
  • short summary reports of the meetings will follow asap