How To Participate in the RA21 Project

If you represent a library or other customer of subscribed STM material

Library partners are very welcome to participate – we regard you as core contributors to the success of this project. As a first step, we invite you to complete the following survey on Identity and Access Management.

Please fill out the survey

In order to assess levels of capability in the library and customer community and help shape the eventual recommended practices, we encourage you to complete our Identity and Access Management questionnaire at The intent of the survey is to understand your technical capabilities, IT organization, and your status of, or your roadmap towards comprehensive identity and access management for your organization. This survey is intended for technical staff involved in identity and access management at organizations and should take around 30 minutes to complete.

Join the project

For organizations willing to participate directly in the project, there are several levels that you can choose for your involvement: from simply remaining informed about the results of the project, to helping evaluate and monitor results of the pilots, to a more active role participating in our pilot program. Please let us know of your interest via email to

If you represent a publisher, platform provider, proxy server provider, intermediary, identity management vendor or any other solution provider

RA21 also invites any other participant into the project that is eager to make a useful contribution to the pilot program and to the project. If you are interested in exploring this possibility, please send an email to and let us know more about your current activities and operations. Please tell us to which aspect of the project you would be keen to contribute. We look forward hearing from you!

More about the RA21 pilot program

The RA21 project is inviting a broad variety of stakeholders in scholarly communications to participate. We are currently calling for organizations to join our pilot program. We are likely to run several pilots in parallel with the aim of testing different solutions, in different environments exercising different use cases.

Pilots will be run along the principles of self-organization and self-funding and may require a certain level of technical capability and in-kind contribution by dedicated staff. During and after conclusion of a pilot, the results will be shared among all participants and are intended to be used to develop best practices which will be made publicly available.

If you are interesting in participating in the pilot program, please contact us via email to