HINARI – A Research4Life Programme



The Health InterNetwork Access to Research Initiative (HINARI) provides free or very low cost online access to up to 11,400 major journals and up to 18.500 books in biomedical and related social sciences to local, not-for-profit institutions in developing countries. The program was initiated by publishers in response to a request made to them by the World Health Organization in 2001 to alleviate the information needs of researchers working in the poorest counties.

HINARI enables 116 developing countries to gain access to one of the world's largest collections of biomedical and health literature. It provides not-for-profit research institutions, medical, nursing, dentistry and pharmacy schools, government health and economics ministries with free or very low cost online access to research journals, databases and other online resources.

The HINARI program was launched in 2002 by six STM member companies, Blackwell, Elsevier Science, Harcourt International STM Group, Springer Verlag, John Wiley and Wolters Kluwer International Health and Science, in partnership with the World Health Organization. Since then, the programme has been joined by more than 150 publishers.

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