Open Access / Open Science

The Public Affairs committee have provided the following resources:

Publishers Support Sustainable Open Access

Publishers are committed to the widest possible dissemination of and access to the content they publish. We support any and all sustainable models of access that ensure the integrity and permanence of the scholarly record.

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STM Statement on Green OA

STM believe that Green OA can be consistent with fostering a viable system for funding publication of authoritative communications about research commonly referred to as “final published articles” or “the Version of Record”. With this principle in mind, STM propose the following key factors that should be taken into account by all stakeholders when setting and refining their Green OA policies.

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Open Science

STM Position Paper on Open Science

“Open Science” is a broad umbrella term used to describe a change in the way in which science is conducted, including the use of technology to make the practice of research more collaborative and open.

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Views on OA 2020

Barbara Kalumenos presented at the 13th Berlin Open Access conference on "Views on OA 2020: Perspective of STM Association".

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