An Introduction to Public Affairs

The mission of STM Public Affairs is to create and improve a positive, healthy and sustainable international business environment for our worldwide industry by streamlining and enabling the communication path between involved stakeholders. We do so by:

  • educating key stakeholders about the value that STM publishers add to scholarly communication
  • advocating the adoption of policies that recognize and support the key role of STM publishers in implementing innovative solutions to advance science and contributing positively to the knowledge society
  • acting with integrity and honesty in fulfilling our role in the dissemination and discovery of scholarly communication.

We created a Public Affairs Committee to discuss government relations, strategy, and policy communications issues and provide advice and recommendations on these matters as appropriate to the STM Board and/or Chief Executive Officer. The Committee reviews ways in which it might help define the message we send to key stakeholders about the publishing industry and its role in access, dissemination, and preservation of scholarly information worldwide.

What do I get from STM? What we do

Public Affairs

Advocating public policies that recognise both the importance of publishers’ legitimate intellectual property rights and the trusted services that publishers provide to the scholarly community.

Helping those outside the scholarly publishing community understand the key role our members play in the usage, preservation, discovery, and dissemination of global scientific knowledge.

We work with national and international organisations, industries, research communities, governmental, professional and regulatory bodies.

Promoting awareness of publisher innovation and the value that publishers add to the scholarly communication process.

Advocacy toolkit & training

Following a meeting of STM’s publishing Heads of House and ratification of its outcomes by the STM Board, STM has adopted policy statement on access to publishers’ content.

Check out STM’s new short & smart videos
Networking Knowledge: The world of STM publishing
Networking Knowledge: It’s all about discoverability

The videos explain how publishers add value to scholarly communication and aid its dissemination, discovery, and evaluation.

More in the toolkit - a handout STM Facts about Scholarly Scientific Publishers

We have developed a set of analogies (theatre, tennis and the water industry) to help members explain what publishers do and what scholarly publishing involves.

STM and the Professional and Scholarly Division (PSP) of the Association of American Publishers, organised a workshop helping our members deliver positive messages about the value that scholarly and scientific publishers provide.

Recent Actions

STM public affairs advocacy in Spain over the last two years contributed to a balanced public access provision that appeared in recently passed science legislation.

PEER: Publishing and the Ecology of European Research

  • Influence “Open Access” policies
  • Direct engagement with European Commission
  • Raising profile of STM publisher activities
  • Collaboration & dialogue with other influential stakeholder groups:
    Repository/Library communities
  • Providing qualitative and quantitative evidence of the effects of systematic, unfunded “Green” open access mandates to inform the evolution of policies in this area